About the journal

Dionysius is the journal of Dalhousie University's Department of Classics and reflects the established character of its work. It publishes articles on the history of ancient philosophy and theology, including Patristic theology, and their nachleben. It has a special interest in the Aristotelian and Neoplatonic traditions.

Dionysius considers philosophy's relation, both negative and positive, to Christian belief in both ancient and modern times. As well as philosophical articles, Dionysius will publish articles on Classical and later literature and history, and on Hellenic, Christian, Jewish and Islamic religion, especially when they have a connection to philosophical questions.


Online-only subscriptions are $20. Other subscription prices which include both online and printed versions of the journal are $30 for institutions and $25 for individuals.

Online subscribers will have access to the current year’s journal and to the previous four years; earlier back issues will be accessible to all readers.

The online journal can be accessed here.

Books for review

While Dionysius does not regularly review books, it will publish review articles on books within its areas of interest and will accept books sent to it for such treatment.

Notes for Contributors

Articles will be selected for publication by the Editorial Board, which may set conditions in terms of revisions, length, bibliography, etc. Normally, the Board will be assisted by members of the Advisory Council.

Contributions, in English or French, should be sent to the Editor of Dionysius by email. Submission of an article is taken to imply that it has not been previously published, nor is being considered for publication elsewhere.

Accepted articles must be submitted electronically, preferably in Microsoft Word DOC format. A PDF file of the article should be submitted at the same time. The typescript should be prepared to accord with a standard scholarly format in which footnotes are numbered consecutively. Authors may either place a full citation in the first footnote or use a bibliography organized alphabetically by the authors’ last names and citations by author and short title within footnotes. The SPIonic family of fonts should be used to enter Greek text.

All contributors of articles will receive two copies of the issue, plus a PDF of their article as it appears in the volume.

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Which Dionysius?

The journal is named for Dionysius the Areopagite, a sixth-century Neoplatonic mystic and theologian who claimed to have been converted by St. Paul when he preached in Athens. In fact, under his pseudonym, he conveys the philosophical, religious, and theological heritage of Hellenic antiquity into the Christian (and perhaps also the Islamic) world. He symbolizes the three-millennia-long tradition the journal treats.

Assuming many identities, Dionysius appeared also as the martyred bishop of Paris who became the patron saint of France. As St. Denys, he is often depicted holding his own head. According to legend, the martyr arose after his execution and carried his head for some distance: a suitable image for Classics in our time!