Volume XX (December 2002)

Table of Contents

Frederic M. Schroeder — Cyclopean Superlatives

Marie-Élise Zovko — Plato's Heracliteanism Reconsidered

Kyle Fraser — Aristoteles ex Aristotele:  A Response to the Analytical Reconstruction of Aristotelian Ontology

†Stéphane Diebler — Les canons de Proclus:  Problèmes et conséquences de l'interprétation syriano-proclienne du De interpretatione

Hubertus R. Drobner — The Critical Edition of Gregory of Nyssa's In Hexaemeron: A Preliminary Report

Stephen Blackwood — Philosophia's Dress:  Prayer in Boethius' Consolation of Philosophy

Wayne J. Hankey — Thomas' Neoplatonic Histories:  His Following of Simplicius

David Leech — "Plato and Deep Plotin":  Cambridge Platonism, Platonicall Triads, and More's Reflections on Nature

Elena Glazov-Corrigan and Kevin Corrigan — Power and Nothing:  What Causes Mistaken Judgement in The Winter's Tale?