About the Department of Classics


The Department of Classics offers a variety of classes in Greek and Roman literature, ancient and Medieval philosophy, ancient and Christian religion, and general classical culture. The Department also administers the Religious Studies and Arabic Studies programs.

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Sappho and Alcaeus spending their summers enjoying Classics


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  • Classics
  • Ancient history
  • Classical literature
  • Classics: Ancient philosophy
  • Classics: Medieval philosophy
  • Religious studies
  • Abrahamic religions
  • Arabic studies
  • Middle East studies




    Dionysius and Pseudo-Dionysius

    Photo by Allie_Caulfield
    The Basilica Cathedral dedicated to St Denis, Paris, France. Photo by Allie Caulfield.

    Our department is home to two journals: Dionysius, which boasts a strong international profile, and Pseudo-Dionysius, run by undergraduate and graduate students at Dalhousie and the University of King's College.