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We are a tightly-knit community in the Classics Department, with long roots and alumni spread across the globe. Students and faculty make lifelong friendships and connections here. We encourage you to use our site to stay in touch with us, and with one another, long after graduation.

2019 Dalhousie Classics Alumni Summer Text Seminar

The Department of Classics is eagerly looking forward to its inaugural summer study and reunion event, the “Dalhousie Classics Alumni Summer Text Seminar. This seminar will bring alumni together with faculty and current students in the department to discuss Plato’s dialogue Cratylus in an informal but intensive series of study sessions. Dr. Diamond describes why he believes this dialogue will be of interest for the seminar: “It is an under-read and under-appreciated dialogue about language and whether there are certain words which naturally fit the objects they designate, or whether language is nothing more than a conventional tool where words are arbitrarily picked to symbolize their objects. … It lets us talk about a fundamental philosophical question, the question of how being, thought, and language are related, but also a linguistic question which is very pertinent to poetry and the poetic use of language, an approach to language which celebrates the sound and fit of words to what they convey beyond a merely instrumental relation to them.”

The seminar will be held on August 3-4, 2019. We look forward to seeing many familiar faces, both old and new.

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