Notes for Contributors

Articles will be selected for publication by the editorial board, which may set conditions in terms of revisions, length, bibliography, etc. Normally, the board will be assisted by members of the Advisory Council.

Contributions, in English or French, should be sent to the Secretary, by e-mail or regular post. Submission of an article is taken to imply that it has not been previously published, nor is being considered for publication elsewhere.

Accepted articles must be submitted both in hard copy and electronically, preferably in Microsoft Word format.  Manuscripts should be double-spaced on standard-sized (US letter or A4) paper, with a wide left-hand margin. The typescript should be prepared to accord with the University of Chicago Style Manual, with footnotes numbered consecutively. Authors may either place a full citation in the first footnote (see Harrington's article in Dionysius 23) or use a bibliography organized alphabetically the the authors' last names with publications in alphabetical order and citations by author and short title within footnotes.  The SymbolGreek family of fonts should be used to enter Greek text.  Articles employing Greek must send a hard copy with correct Greek at the time of submission. 

Manuscripts will not be returned.  All contributors of articles will receive two copies of the issue and 25 off-prints.

Please address correspondence to:

Department of Classics
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