Volume XXXVII (December 2019)

André Lanoue - L'interprétation du carme de Simonide dans le Protagoras: une herméneutique de la censure philosophique

Jordan Daniel Wood - Stoic Motifs in the Cosmology of Maximus Confessor

Daniel Heide - Divine Eros: The Providential and Perfective Ecstasy of God in Dionysius' Divine Names IV

Michèle Anik Stanbury - The Metaphysical Origin of the Principles of Logical Thought in Plotinus' Emanative System

Matthew Vanderkwaak - "A Shrine for the Everlasting Gods": Matter and the Gods in Proclus

Edward P. Butler - Damascian Negativity

Dwight Crowell - Thomas Aquinas' Attribution of Participation to Aristotle

Wayne J. Hankey - Divine Henads and Persons: Multiplicity's Birth in the Principle in Proclus and Aquinas

James Bryson - THe Cambridge Platonists in Henry Fielding's Christian Platonic History of Tom Jones

Cézar Enia - The Problem of Individuality of Archaic Man According to Carl Gustav Jung: A Complementary File to See Mircea Eliade's Thesis on Primitive Religions in a New Light

M. Laura Gemelli Marciano - Revisiting Jung and Corbin: A Review of Peter Kingsley's Catafalque