Volume XXIII (December 2005)

Table of Contents

Steve Maskaleut — Critique de relatif par Plotin: le Traité des genres de l’être VI, 1[42]

Deepa Majumdar — Is Tolma the Cause of First Otherness for Plotinus?

John F. Finamore — Biography as Self-Promotion:  Porphyry’s Vita Plotini

Pablo Maurette — Porphyry and Mithraisism: De antro nympharum and the Controversy against the Christians

Edward P. Butler — Polytheism and Individuality in the Henadic Manifold

Martin Achard — La paraphrase de Thémistius sur les lignes 71 a 1-11 des Seconds Analytiques

Michael Harrington — The Drunken Epibole of Plotinus and its Reappearance in the Work of Dionysius the Areopagite

Robert B. Todd — “His Own Side-Show”:  E.R. Dodds and Neoplatonic Studies in Britain, 1835-1940

Wayne J. Hankey — Neoplatonism and Contemporary French Philosophy