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Dalhousie's Faculty of Engineering has had many different names over its 100-year past, but one thing has remained the same: its extensive history of educating some of the best engineers in Canada. See what Dal Engineering faculty, students and staff have been up to in this week's Storify.
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Dean's video

Faculty of Engineering Dean Joshua Leon answers our questions in this video interview.

Feature story

Five things you didn't know about the Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering officially joined the Dalhousie family on April 1, 1997 (no joke). Originally part of the Nova Scotia Technical College, which then became the Technical University of Nova Scotia, the Faculty has an extensive history of educating some of the best engineers in Canada. Since becoming part of Dalhousie, our Faculty has continued to grow, with a combined number of undergraduate and graduate students this year of approximately 2,300.

Here are some other things you might not know about the Faculty of Engineering:

  1. Our campus is named after our first principal, Frederick Sexton
  2. We hold a unique recognition reception for our top students
  3. We’re helping the local craft brewing, wine and cider industries
  4. Our students solve real-world problems
  5. Our grads proudly wear their Iron Ring

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Photo gallery

Get to know some of the faces at the Faculty of Engineering.