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When the four graduates of Dalhousie’s Class of 1912 received their Doctor in Dental Surgery degrees, the education of dentists in Canada changed forever. Learn more about Canada's oldest dental faculty.
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Dean's video

Faculty of Dentistry Dean Tom Boran answers our questions in this video interview.

Feature story

Five things you didn't know about the Faculty of Dentistry

Dal’s Faculty of Dentistry was the first dentistry faculty in Canada. Today, 103 years later, it remains the only dental school in Atlantic Canada, offering diploma, undergraduate and graduate programs in dentistry and dental hygiene and teaching students from around the world.

Here are five things you might be surprised to learn about the Dalhousie Faculty of Dentistry.

  1. We operate a full dental hospital on the Dalhousie campus
  2. Our pre-loaded laptop computers are a key component of our students’ toolkits
  3. Our community outreach clinics help underserved communities
  4. Our researchers do ground-breaking research 
  5. Our dean has a collection of 50+ Tiggers from around the world

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Photo gallery

Get to know some of the faces at the Faculty of Dentistry.