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The Faculty of Graduate Studies includes students and faculty from across the university. Appropriately, for this week's Storify, we look back on social media activity from across the entire #KnowYourDal campaign.
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Dean's video

Faculty of Graduate Studies Dean Marty Leonard answers our questions in this video interview.

Feature story

Five things you didn't know about the Faculty of Graduate Studies

The Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) is perhaps the most unique of all faculties at Dalhousie. Rather than classroom teaching and academic research, our core responsibility is the review, approval and monitoring of all things graduate: PhD, master’s, visiting, and qualifying graduate student admissions, course and program approvals, graduate scholarships, professional development, program regulations, registration and degree audits. 

But did you also know:

  1. We have a LOT of members
  2. Admission to Dalhousie Master’s and PhD programs is very competitive
  3. We take the time to focus on our team
  4. We support Dal’s important role as a Killam institution
  5. We review hundreds of theses each year

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Photo gallery

Get to know some of the faces at the Faculty of Graduate Studies.