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As the first week of #KnowYourDal wraps up, we look online (specifically, to Twitter and Instagram) to learn more about the recent work, research and accomplishments in our Schulich School of Law.
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Dean's video

Schulich School of Law Dean Camille Cameron answers our questions in this video interview.

Feature story

5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Schulich School of Law

For more than 130 years, Dalhousie University’s law school has been known for being the first university-based common law school in Canada, and for its reputation for high academic and professional standards and commitment to unselfish public service. But did you also know…

  1. The law school has its own postage stamp
  2. The law school has been called a “brain-export factory”
  3. The faculty, students, and staff who work and study in the Weldon Law Building are commonly called “Weldonites”
  4. The law school is the sixth “Schulich” school
  5. The law school has long worked to be a place where everyone feels they belong

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Photo gallery

Get to know some of the faces at the Schulich School of Law.