Apply and Register

Admission Requirements

Admission to the Certificate in Disability Management program is based on the minimum admission requirements for Dalhousie University and handled entirely by the Admissions department at the Registrar's Office. If you have any questions about your eligibility for the program, please contact Admissions: (902)- 494-2450/

You may qualify to apply as a Mature Student.

Application process

The application may differ depending upon whether you are currently attending Dalhousie, attending another Canadian university, or not currently a student.

Dalhousie students

  • No need to apply nor contact the CDM Office- just proceed to register!
  • Register for DISM courses as you would any other course – no additional application or permission is required
  • Should you complete your degree program before taking all four courses required for the Certificate, you may apply to return to Dalhousie as a Special Student Undergraduate to complete the remaining courses of the Certificate program

Students at other Canadian Universities

Not currently a student?


  • On Select an Application Type page: choose Dal Undergrad General.
  • Application Checklist page, Planned Course of Study section: choose Special Student- Undergraduate (Non-Degree), and then type Certificate in Disability Management in the text field directly below it.
  • Visiting students. Choose Visiting Student- Requires Letter of Permission (instead of Special Student Undergraduate), and then type Certificate in Disability Management in the text field directly below.

Application deadlines

The Registrar's Office typically requires 4- 6 weeks to process your application. As such, we suggest that you apply at least 8 weeks in advance of the course start date. If this is not possible, please be sure to review the following section regarding late applicants and proceed accordingly.

Late applicants

If you are applying within a month of the course start date, please contact the Registrar’s Office (admissions@dal.cato check on (i) the exact documentation they will require (ii) the fastest way to get it to them, and (iii) find out whether they feel there is enough time for your application to be processed prior to the start of classes. Please keep in mind that Dalhousie closes annually for the holidays as of December 24 until the first work day after the New Year’s holiday.

I have applied, now what?

I have been accepted!

  • What do I do next? (Steps 1-4)
  • Register for your courses
  • New students will receive an email from the CDM Office 4-6 weeks before the semester with infomation to help you prepare for DISM3010