Certificate Overview

What is disability management?

Disability management team members provide effective, efficient and safe co-ordination of services to help injured or ill individuals achieve their maximum level of functioning and ability – and return to work. Those trained in this growing field may work as:

  • Disability case managers
  • Insurance case managers
  • Return to work facilitators
  • Vocational rehabilitation consultants
  • Vocational counselors
  • Employee wellness program administrators

People in the field of disability management come from many different backgrounds including health services, human resources, nursing, psychology, occupational therapy, commerce, social work, physiotherapy, kinesiology, medicine and education.

More and more organizations and institutions are recognizing the important role that disability management can play. Benefits of effective disability management include reduced costs due to work disruptions, enhanced employee morale and sense of belonging, as well as improved manpower consistency.

Who can take the CDM program?

There are a variety of individuals enrolled in the CDM program including Dalhousie undergraduate students, students enrolled at other Canadian universities, graduates of Dalhousie and other universities, mature students in the workforce working in disability management or a related field seeking formal education in the area, and those in the workforce seeking to enter the field of disability management.

Why choose disability management at Dal?

The Certificate in Disability Management is delivered completely online, giving you the flexibility to complete your course work on your own schedule. You will enjoy being connected to your instructor and classmates through discussion forums, group work, virtual presentations, and asynchronous feedback.

Perhaps you are already enrolled in a program such as business or kinesiology. Combining your program courses with the Certificate in Disability Management may create workforce opportunities that you haven’t considered!

..Or perhaps you would like to upgrade your marks and improve your GPA with additional courses. The Certificate in Disability Management courses are popular online university electives for students aspiring to enter professional master’s programs in health.

How can disability management compliment my degree?

Students and employees with a variety of backgrounds enroll in the Certificate in Disability Management to enhance their employability, gain expertise in a complimentary field, or to meet their professions’ continuing education requirements.

With a degree in human resources you will work with employees facing a multitude of health and personal issues that may require accommodation in the workplace. This specialized certificate will provide you with the tools and confidence to negotiate new hires and develop return-to-work plans for employees with accommodation needs. As an HR professional who is knowledgeable about disability management, you can also foster an accepting workplace culture which may include the development of prevention and/or employee wellness programs.

Enhance your kinesiology qualifications by taking the introductory course, DISM 3010: Introduction to Disability & Disability Management, which is cross listed as kinesiology elective, KINE 3010. Completing the certificate will allow you to put your knowledge of musculoskeletal health and injury to work in industry and workplace settings.

If you have a qualification in sonography, diagnostic technology, medical laboratory science, or any other health science, you can expand your knowledge of disability and how it affects your clients. You will also learn how poor work practices (maybe even your own) can lead to injury including back pain or repetitive strain. Knowing how to create safe work places will be of value to you as a practitioner and a manager. The Certificate in Disability Management may enhance employment opportunities in your field, or provide an alternative career path for your future.

As an occupational therapist, physiotherapist, or therapeutic recreation specialist this certificate will set you apart from your peers. Your additional expertise in workplace accommodation, graduated return to work and many other strategies will be of value when applying for many positions within the health care setting. It may also provide you with valuable knowledge and skills to build a private practice.

Continuing Education/ PD Hours

You may be able to use the Disability Management courses offered through Dalhousie University to meet your requirements for continuing education and/or continuing professional development.

Disability management certification

Completion of this program does not certify individuals as disability managers. Disability management is a developing field and is not sanctioned by a national governing body or accreditation at this time.