2014 ‑ Volume XVI

Edited by Joseph Gerbasi and Aaron Shenkman

Aaron Higgins-Brake  ---- The 'First Friend' in Plato's Lysis

Tanisha Chakma ---- Two Poems by Asclepiades, "... and I am Drunk on your Wine Lips," and "Honour is a Mere Scrutcheon: and so Ends my Catechism." 

Marybeth Osowski ---- Appropriation and Approximation: Tensions between "Greekness" and "Otherness" in the Ptolemaic Dynasty

Jacob Glover ---- The Importance of Literary Elements in Thucydides' Speeches

B.W.D. Heystee ---- The Oikos and its Destruction in Euripides' The Bacchae

Alanah Josey ---- Homoousias and Hypostasis: The Christology of John of Damascus

Daniel Heide ---- Christianity: The Mystery Religion par excellence?

Kevin Gaul ---- Pastor Perfidus (based on Horace Ode 1.15)

Justin Singer ---- The Ascending Angle

Paul McGilvery ---- A Semondian Fragment

Bruce Russell ---- On Form and Matter: It's All Good

Will Tilleczek ---- The Connection of the Care for Self and Other in Plato's Laches