2009 & 2010 ‑ Volumes XI & XII

Edited by Bethie Baxter, William Cochrane and Emma Whitney

Volume XI - 2009

Martin Curran ---- Maimonides on Man's Pride and God's Providence

Megan Falconer ---- An Examination of Pericles' Funeral Oration

Timothy Riggs ---- Ontological Gradation of Souls in Plato's Gorgias

Sam Sutherland ---- Eternity in Plotinus

Volume XII - 2010
Emma Whitney ---- Quercus and Fulmen: the Division of Divinity and the Poet's Voice in the Bellum Civile

Chris Gibson ---- Socrates versus Ion: The Case for Poetry in Plato's Ion

Christopher McKelvie ---- An Apuleian Doctrine of Fate, Fortune and Providence?

Adam Casey ---- Plato's Philosophy as a Means for Practical Divinization

Graham Christie ---- Herodotus and Thucydides: The Assassination of Hipparchus