2004 ‑ Volume VI

Edited by Conor Barry, Stéphanie Simard & Emily K. Varto

Tyler Young ---- 'A Decorated Corpse': Plotinus' Theory of Matter-Evil

James Bryson ---- The Role of Divination: The Move to Self-Knowledge from Sophocles to Plotinus

Emily K. Varto ---- The Lamented Living: Mortal and Immortal Lamentation in the Iliad

Jesse Blackwood ---- Iter Ad Intinerarium Mentis in Deum

Dave Eaton ---- Explaining the Failure of Trajan's Parthian Campaign (114-117 CE)

Megan Fee ---- Plato's Lysis as a Subtext in Symposium

Matilka Krow ---- Ode 2.13: The Autobiography of Death by Horace

Emily Parker ---- The Mystical Theology: An Example of Circular System Present in the Dionysian Corpus

Emily McGivern ---- Familial Bonds in Athens and Sparta

Ross Gower ---- Ab Reconciliatione Ad Intellectus: The Reconciliation of Nature and Grace as it Appears in Anselm's Proslogion and its Role in the Establishment of Intellectus

Andrea Lane ---- Between the Fillet and the Brothel: Roman Sexuality Through the Modern Lens

George C. Bush ---- Prayer in Boethius' Consolation of Philosophy

Amelia Gaul ---- Womens' Contribution in Defining Mankind's Relation to the Divine

Stéphanie Simard ---- From False to True Myth in Plato's Republic

Laurel Collins ---- Penance in Dante's Purgatory

Jocelyn Hamilton ---- Odysseus' Physical Journey and Spiritual Evolution

Adam Labecki ---- The Birth of Intellect from the One as an Overcoming of Skepticism in Ennead V.3