2000 ‑ Volume II

Edited by Michael Sampson, Nicholas Thorne & Alain Turbide

Matthew Robinson ---- The Soul's Self-Possession as Aristotelian Activity in Boethius' Consolation of Philosophy

Lauren Freeman ---- Skepticism or Solipsism?

Michael Sampson ---- "When all must come true": The Heroism of Heracles in Sophocles' Trachiniae

Michael Fournier ---- The Ontological Argument Becomes Ante-Ontological: Cusa's Transformation of Anselm

Jack Fortune ---- Definitions Are to Be Found Within: The Many that Become One

Melissa McCarthy ---- The Prosecution of Christians Under Diocletian

Amy Malloy ---- Freedom and Sophocles' Oedipus the King

David Bronstein ---- Aristotle's Metaphysics: Thinking and Being

Emma Healey ---- Emergent Unity in the Iliad

Andrew Mason ---- Mark Antony as the Enemy of the Natural Order Set Forth by Cicero in On Duties

Marian Jago ---- Diocletian and the Defense of the East: AD 284-636

Eli Diamond ---- Derrida's Interpretation of Plato: Poison or Cure?

Ben Sichel ---- The Conversion of Constantine and the Roman State

Andrea Katz ---- The Confessions

Elizabeth Jones ---- Translations of Various Horatian Odes

Aaron Richmond ---- Plato's Apology

David Butorac ---- Anti-Aristotelianism - Hot, Post-Augustinian - Cold: An Examination of St Anselm and St Bonaventure's Proofs of the Existence of God and the Creation of an Augustinian Aristotelianism

Jonathan Murphy ---- Plato's Republic

Nicholas Thorne ---- Disappointed Expectations of Euripides' Medea

Craig Daniels ---- Plebs et Princeps: The Flavian Period