2013 ‑ Volume XV

Edited by: Kaitlyn Boulding, Joseph Gerbasi, B.W.D. Heystee, Bruce Russell, Paul McGilvrey, Hilary Ilkay, Zoe Vatter, Kristen Newell, Yael Shier, Kevin Gaul, and Daniel Gillis

B.W.D. Heystee ---- An Offer He Can't Refuse: Viture in the Marketplace in Plato'sSymposium

Daniel J. Gillis ---- Getting Used to God: Augustinian and Avicennian Approaches to the Habit of Mysticism

Kaitlyn Boulding ---- Plato's eros Reflected in Ovid's Narcissus

Hilary Ilkay ---- Weaving the Great Web: Helen's Poetic Perspective in the Illiad

Daniel Heide ---- Being and Time in Plato's Timaeus

Justin M. Singer ---- The Binding Ratio

Brian Lam ---- Metamorphoses 10.483-500 and 11.1-19

William C. Coney ---- Optasne Frixe cum Ea?  Creating a Model of the Big Mac in Ancient Rome

Caroline Michaud ---- Epistemology and Ontology in Aristotle's History of Philosophy in Metaphysics Book Alpha

Bruce Russell ---- Poema Epica Canadense

Marybeth Osowski ---- "Call me not a Lord, for I am a Lady:" Elagabalus' Effeminancy and Subversion of Roman Sexual and Gender Paradigms

Jospeh Gerbasi ---- Dialectic in Dialogue: Being and History in Aristotle's Metaphysics and Plato's Sophist

Kevin Gaul ---- Dulce Periculum Est: The Role of Bacchus in the Poetic Process of Horace

Daniel Watson ---- The Circles of the Soul and their Unity

Simcha Walfish ---- An Instructive Failure: The Status of Anaxagoras in Plato's Phaedo and Parmenides, and Aristotle's Metaphysics Book A

Paul McGilvrey ---- Pindar: Pythian 2