2011 ‑ Volume XIII

Volume XIII (2011)

Edited by William Cochran and Emma Whitney

Chris Gibson ---- Fortune and Salvation in Sophocles' Ajax

Martin Curran ---- The Realism of Arachne's Tapestry

Emma Whitney ---- The Conditions of Artistic Creation in the Metamorphoses: I.304, the Golden Age and the locus amoenus

Daniel Heide ----- Dream and Drunkeness: Meditations on Apollo and Dionysus

Andrei Mihailiuk ---- Self-Perfection and Deification in Sophocles' Oedipus the King

Daniel James Watson ---- The Scandal of Providence: The question of Epicurean Piety in Lucretius' De Rerum Natura

Caroline Michaud ---- Socrates Essential Position in Plato's History of Philosophy: Presence and Absence in Theaetetus and Sophist

William Cochran ---- The Doctrine of Due Measure in Plato's Statesman

Luke V. Togni ---- The Role of Living Being in Understanding Ousia

Brian Lam ---- Metamorphoses XV. 871-79 (The Epilogue): A Translation

Addendum to Volume XII

Benjamin Max Manson ----- Exitus and Reditus: Platonic Ascent in the Confessions of St. Augustine

Emma Whitney ---- The Philosophy of Poetics in the De Rerum Natura

Evan King ---- Nous and Its Living Law