2001 ‑ Volume III

Edited by Michael Sampson & Nicholas Thorne

Jack Fortune ---- The Attainment of Otherworldly Wisdom: the Powers and Limitations of the Soul

David Butorac ---- To Be With the One

Andrew Gough ---- Saving the World Without Breaking the Law of Non-Contradiction: The Impossible Task of Empedocles and Anaxagoras

Nicholas Wilkinson ---- The First Triumvirate

Nicholas Thorne ---- Freedom and Mr. Plotinus

Eli Diamond ---- Augustine's Confessions and the Relation of Christianity to Skepticism and the History of Ancient Philosophy

Lorraine Meier ---- Paradoxes and Divisions in Eriugena's Periphyseon

Edward Fox ---- Herodotus' Ethnography of the Scythians

Matthew Wood ---- In that Moses Maimonides is Faithful to the Hebrew Relation Between Community and Individual, His Philosophical Model for Israel is the Republic of Plato

Adam Labecki ---- Bonaventure's Vision of God

Matt Robinson ---- Aristophanes Uncovers the Relation Between Freedom and Necessity Which Human Eros Requires

Maria Euchner ---- Fear, Pity and Catharsis in Hamlet

Michael Fournier ---- Iamblichean Demonology

Lauren Freeman ---- Moses Maimonides: More Than a Mere Aristotelian

Angela White ---- Pleasure as the Greatest Moral Good According to Epicurus

Jesse Harnden ---- Imagination Preceding Understanding