2017 ‑ Volume XIX

Editors: Lauren Vanderdeen, Jennie Selman, Ksenia Romashova, and Justin Wollf

Production Editor: Jacob Glover

Table of Contents:

The Tides of War - Selections from Homer's Iliad - Maddie Hay

Anger: Swerving Around Contradiction in Stoicism - Anna K. Phipps-Burton

The Necessary and Chronological Relationship Between Socratic Self-Conscious Ignorance and the Virtue of Temperance in Plato's Charmides - Alex Elvidge

Lex Julia de adulteriis and Adultery in Rome - Jellay Mitchell

If You're Pious and You Know It: Performance v. Knowledge in Athenian Court of Law - William Dawson

A Human's Relation to the Divine: The Equal Subordinate to God - Dwight R. Crowell

Layers of Interpretation in Penelope's Dream of Geese in Odyssey XIX - Lauren Vanderdeen

"The Well-Trodden Road of Imitation": A Comparison of Virgil's Aeneid and Pushkin's "The Bronze Horseman" - Allison Graham

"A Tale of Two Initiations" Virtue, Self-Rule, and the Eleusinian Mysteries in Plato's Meno - Cristalle N. Watson

The Geometry of Plato's Theaetetus - Ksenia Sergeevna Romashova

Ardorem cupiens dissimulare meum: The Immanent Syntax of Sulpicia 3.18 - George Saad

Is there a doctrine of will in Aristotle's De Anima? - Benjamin von Bredow

Dike, Daughter of Zeus: Divine Civics in Hesiod's Works and Days - Matthew Vanderkwaak

Catullus VIII - Ethan J. Speigel