2008 ‑ Volume X

Edited by Tim Riggs, Simon Fortier

Gabriel Stein ---- The Tragic Moment in the Acropolis

Eli Burnstein ---- The Socratic response to Anaxagoras in Plato's Phaedo

Dominic Lacasse ---- The Lesson of the Eclipse: Regarding the Concept of 'Relfection' in Plato's Phaedo

Carolyn MacDonald ---- The Infidelities of Poetry: Catullus 65, 66, and 68

Kristin Slonsky ---- The Character ASsassination of Mamurra in Catullus 29

Tim Riggs ---- A Brief Exploration of Philo's System of Cosmic Philosophy through a Primary Consideration of the Life of Moses

Marie Michelle Wilband ---- The Place of Moses in the Thought of Philo Judaeus

Reuben Penner ---- Exegesis, Historicity, Symbol and Politics: Eusebius as Exegete and Political Theorist in his Tricennial Oration

Simon Fortier ---- 'Per omni infamen sectam' : The substance and repercussions of three early anti-Manichean polemics

Benjamin Lee ---- The Critique of Scepticism and the Beginning of the Mind's Conversion upon Itself in Augustine's De Trinitate X

Sam Sutherland ---- Primary Time: the needed link of the moving image in Simplicius

Emily Parker ---- Nature and Grace in Aquinas