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Work Safety

The University’s safety policies are guided by Nova Scotia’s provincial workplace safety act, based on the Internal Responsibility System. This means that students, supervisors and administrators of a workplace share responsibility for health and safety — in other words, safety in the workplace is the responsibility of each of us.

The Faculty of Architecture and Planning has developed a Faculty Workplace Safety Framework. This document provides:

  • an overview of Dalhousie’s workplace safety policies;
  • an explanation of what this means for activities in the Faculty of Architecture and Planning;
  • advice and procedures for working safely on extramural free labs or design-build activities;
  • advice and procedures for safe travelling, whether on field trips or internationally;
  • rules for using the Faculty’s technical facilities and equipment whether on-campus or off-campus;
  • forms you must submit before engaging in off-campus activities;
  • accident or incident report forms.

Faculty Workplace Safety Framework

  1. Student Travel Information
  2. Student Acknowledgment of Risk for Off-Campus Activities
  3. Request for Certificate of Insurance
  4. Off-Campus Activity Information Sheet and Risk Assessment
  5. Sample Letter of Understanding
  6. Accident Report


Download the Off-campus Activity forms. They must be filled out and submitted to the Faculty office before any off-campus travel or activities.


    Faculty Safety Coordinator:
    Regan Southcott: 902-494-3949; regan.southcott@dal.ca

    Environmental Health and Safety Office, Dalhousie University:
    Jerry Aguinaga, Director: 902-494-1241; jerry.aguinaga@dal.ca