Exhibition Room


Room 1005, first floor, Medjuck Building


Timeslots for the Exhibition Room can be reserved by faculty and staff on the university's Campus Bookings website.


School of Architecture office: arch.office@dal.ca


Handicapped Access

Please do not place anything in front of the handicapped door, so that access is available at all times.

Wall Panels

The wall panels are for push pins only. Please do not drill holes, insert screws, or hammer nails into them, unless you are prepared to patch the holes immediately after removing your work.

Rolling Partitions

The rolling partitions have different heights. The lower partitions can fit safely under the track lights; the higher partitions cannot. To avoid damage, please keep the higher partitions away from the track lights. All of the rolling partitions must remain upright, on their wheels. Never lower a partition onto its side, as this is dangerous and can damage the surface.


The lamps are distributed to provide uniform lighting on wall surfaces and throughout the room. You can swivel the lamps, but please do not remove them from the track or try to move them along the track. The lamp bases are fragile and break easily, so broken lamps have to be discarded. Replacements are expensive.


The Exhibition Room has stackable metal and plastic chairs. Please do not move classroom chairs (with upholstery and wheels) to the Exhibition Room.

Digital Monitors

The large monitors are fragile and must not be moved out of the Exhibition Room. Before rolling them, please check that the wheel locks are released.


After an event, please remove all student work, push pins, and leftover items, so that the room is clear and ready for the next group. If your group arranged partitions, boxes, or chairs around the room, please move them to the back when you're finished. Large brooms are available at the front of the room for sweeping the floor.