Booking a Classroom

Green Room (HD4)

The Green Room is used as a classroom at certain times of the week, as noted in the School of Architecture timetable. For other times, a weekly signup sheet is posted near the door. Feel free to sign up. Individual M6 students also can reserve the room on Fridays, during the Thesis time slots.

Other Rooms: HA18, HB2, HB4, HB21 (Exhibition Room), HA19 (auditorium), HE1 (attic computer lab), D410 (Macdonald Building)

Please go to the School of Architecture office and ask Susanna or Alexa to assist you. They can check for available rooms and submit a request on your behalf. Most approvals are done in-house and will take about a day. Requests for the auditorium can take several days, as they go to a central university office and are added to their queue.