Digital Photography and Studio


  • Photo Studio: Room HA-33 (ground floor, Medjuck Building)
    (for access, see Ken Kam)


  • Ken Kam (Digital Imaging), Room HA15 (ground floor, Medjuck Building)

Facilities and Equipment


  • Ken Kam can provide advice on lighting, composition, camera techniques for model and site photography, digital imaging, and printing/plotting.

Equipment For Use in the Photo Studio Only

  • Nikon D90 SLR camera (12 megapixel)
  • studio lights
  • tripods

Equipment Available for Borrowing

  • Nikon D90 SLR camera (12 megapixel)
  • Canon G12 camera
  • camera tripods
  • Nikon D90 SLR camera (12 megapixel)


  • To be eligible to borrow equipment, students must have a valid DalCard and must sign the Faculty's borrowing agreement and submit it to the School of Architecture office. To borrow equipment, see Ken Kam.
  • The loan period is 1 day for all equipment.
  • A fine will be charged if an item is not returned on time.


Any items that are left in the photo studio (models, drawings, etc.) are assumed to be abandoned and will be discarded.