Digital Lab

Note: The Faculty's equipment is available only to students, staff, and faculty.



The Digital Labs are located in Rooms B101 and B109 of the Medjuck Building.

Contact and Support

  • Ken Kam: Room B101, Medjuck Building; 902-223-3120;; weekdays between 8:00 and 4:00.

Training and Supervision

The equipment is available to both undergraduate and graduate students who have received appropriate training and are working under supervision of the shop staff.

Download Laser Cutter - Information and Policy


The digital lab has various machines for rapid prototyping and design experimentation. They enable students to transfer design ideas quickly from the digital realm into physical objects. These resources include:

  • four PC computer workstations with a 3070 graphics card
  • two Universal laser cutter / engravers (18" x 32")
  • three 3D printers (resin, ABS, and PLA)
  • a foam cutter


Laser cutting: Use of the laser cutter/engraver is free for undergraduate and graduate students. Time slots are booked online.

3D printing: The cost of 3D printing depends on the material. If you need to know how much a 3D print will cost, see Ken before asking him to print it. Cash, debit, and credit card are accepted.