Tales from the Sea


Many of our CERC.OCEAN students and researchers have the opportunity to participate in ocean science cruises in order to collect data and gain valuable field experience. Here you can see some examples of what happens on a scientific cruise.

R/V Maria S. Merian 2018 - MSM74
MSM74 Group pic

Three members of the CERC.OCEAN team joined the MSM74 cruise onboard the German vessel, the Maria S. Merian, from St. John's to Reykjavik. CTD samples were collected along a number of transects across the Labrador and Irminger Seas. Read more about this trip here:

Powell Lake Sampling - 2018
Anna, Lora_UBC and Sebastian in front of container_small

In June 2018, PhD student Sebastian Haas, CERC.OCEAN researcher Anna Haverstock, and student Shona MacDonald travelled to Powell Lake, BC to sample the ancient ocean waters of this deep fjord with help of a team from UBC. This builds on the 2016 trip, and this research should help to further understand how nitrogen species are tranformed under low- or no-oxygen levels. Read all about the trip HERE.

R/V Merian MSM73 - Investigating Physical Processes across the North Atlantic

Following his trip on the R/V Poseidon, PhD student Ricardo Arruda Monteiro da Silva hopped on the R/V Maria S. Merian to participate in the MSM73 cruise, from Cadiz, Spain, to St. John's, Newfoundland. Ricardo was responsible for CTD watch and sampling, and the underway data. Despite issues with the pCO2 underway system, it helped Ricardo gain invaluable experience about troubleshooting tech at sea. 

R/V Poseidon POS519 - Tracking an Upwelling Patch

PhD student Ricardo Arruda Monteiro da Silva participated in a research cruise onboard the German vessel, Poseidon from January 20 - February 11, 2018 from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to Mindelo, Cape Verde. Ricardo was responsible for processing underway data (pCO2, O2, chlorophyll, T, and S) and CTD sampling (nutrients, pCO2, and halocarbons) to help track and understand this Eastern Boundary upwelling system.

Celtic Explorer GO-SHIP Cruise 2017

Students and researchers from Dalhousie joined the Irish Vessel, the R/V Celtic Explorer, departing from St. John's, Canada on April 26th and arriving in Galway, Ireland on May 23rd. Learn more about the team of CERC.OCEAN researchers who participated in the CE17007 GO-SHIP cruise along the A02 line from and the varied data they were able to colelct and analyze while battling the rough seas of the North Atlantic Ocean. 

  • An introduction to this GO-SHIP cruise 
  • Read about undergraduate student Lachlan Riehl's experience on the carbon team during his first research cruise
  • PhD student Ricardo Arruda Monteiro da Silva talks about the underway systems during both legs of the cruise 
  • Learn about the nutrient team, where researchers from Ireland (MI & NUIG) and Dalhousie (Liz Kerrigan & Claire Normandeau) compared data using two similar systems while onboard the ship
  • Master's Student Lin Cheng and Claire Normandeau conducted novel d13C measurements onboard a ship for the first time using a CRDS analyzer
R/V Meteor M135 - Peruvian Shelf Cruise 2017

PhD student Chris L'Esperance was onboard the R/V Meteor in March and April 2017, conducting a seafloor tracer release experiment in the Peruvian shelf oxygen minimum zone.

Labrador Sea AZOMP Cruise 2016

Learn about PhD student Lorenza Raimondi's cruise in the Labrador Sea in April/May 2016 on board the CCGS Hudson. Lorenza was taking samples to investigate how deep convection in this area of the North Atlantic affects exchanges in carbon, oxygen, and heat with the atmosphere.

Powell Lake Sampling - 2016

Learn about the Powell Lake Sampling trip from August 2016, spearheaded by PhD student Sebastian Haas, with help from honours student Jessie Jawanda, CERC.OCEAN researcher Anna Haverstock, and a great group from UBC (Rich Pawlocwicz & Chris Payne). Learn why Powell Lake is so interesting and look at pictures of this beautiful British Colombian lake!

R/V Maria S. Merian 2016: MSM54

In May of 2016, five members of the CERC.OCEAN team were onboard the German vessel, R/V Maria S. Merian from St. John's to Reykjavik to deploy the SeaCycler mooring in the Labrador sea, and to validate these measurements at sea by taking samples from the CTD rosette. Read all about the trip here:

Rob's 2015 Red Fish Germany Cruise

Learn about Rob's trip from Bremerhaven, Germany around the southern portion of the Irminger Sea and back during the summer of 2015. Rob was a recent Honours Graduate, working with Tim Kalvelage (post-doc) and Dr. Doug Wallace, and also worked in the CERC.OCEAN lab throughout his undergraduate degree.

Ryan's 2015 Red Fish Iceland Cruise

Learn about Ryan's time on the R/V Arni Fridriksson to the Irminger Sea during June and July of 2015. Ryan Barkhouse is currently an Oceanography Masters student, studing under Doug Wallace. 

Derek's 2015 Red Fish Russian Cruise

Learn about Derek's cruise, from Gdansk, Poland to Halifax, Nova Scotia on the Russian vessel, Akademik Ioffe. In addition to participating in this CERC.OCEAN research cruise, Derek also volunteers with the SeaCycler team.