Our Team

We are very proud of the team we have created here within the CERC.OCEAN group, from engineers to marine chemists to technicians, we have a diverse group of individuals! Please peruse these pages to get an idea of our diverse personnell, their backgrounds, and research interests.

Professional Staff

View a list of our staff, including our chairholder, laboratory staff, and personnel involved in the SeaCycler project, in addition to many others.


Check out a list of our current PhD, MSc, and Undergraduate students.

Past CERC.OCEAN Personnel 

Our group has undergone changes over the years. Here is a list of some of our past CERC.OCEAN members. 

Post-Doctoral Fellows

View our diverse post-doctoral fellows, who come from diverse backgrounds and are a part of a number of projects within the CERC.OCEAN group.

Associated Faculty

We work with a number of other researchers from various departments at Dalhousie University. Check out this list of faculty who collaborate with this group.