Past CERC.OCEAN Personnel

Diego Ibarra

CERC Position: Research Associate

Contact: Diego.Ibarra@dal.ca  

Sally Walker

CERC Position: Postdoctoral Fellow

Contact: sallywalker@dal.ca  

Tim Kalvelage

CERC Position: Postdoctoral Fellow

Contact: tim.kalvelage@usys.ethz.ch  
Current Lab Group website: http://www.aquatic-chemistry.ethz.ch  


Haley Guest

CERC Position: Research Assistant 
Coordinator of the NS Ocean Literacy Project

Contact: haleyguest@gmail.com  
Currrent Lab Group: Worm Lab (Dalhousie University)  

Rob Sanderson

CERC Position: Honours BSc Chemistry & Oceanography Student

Contact: rob.sanderson@dal.ca  

Jessie Jawanda

CERC Position: BSc Marine Biology - Honours Student 

Contact: jessie.jawanda@dal.ca  

Emily Chua

CERC Position: BSc Physics & Oceanography Student

Contact: emily.chua@dal.ca