Project Coordinator - Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement

We are looking for a highly motivated Project Coordinator to support the execution of a 5-year R&D project focussed on Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement as a strategy to mitigate climate warming.

CLICK HERE for more details about this position.

Applications will be considered starting on January 23. Position will remain open until filled.

Interested applicants should send a cover letter, a CV, and a list of three reference (with names, email addresses, and phone numbers) in one single PDF to Katja Fennel at katja.fennel@dal.ca

Postdoctoral Opportunities  

CERC.OCEAN is currently seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral scholar to work on development of Monitoring and Verification (MRV) Frameworks for Ocean-based Carbon Dioxide Removal in Canadian Atlantic Waters (Bedford Basin, Canada).

Interested applicants should apply through HERE with your resume/CV, cover letter along with a list of reference.

Undergraduate and Graduate Student Opportunities  

CERC.OCEAN is currently accepting undergraduate, master's and doctoral students for research in:

  • Chemical Oceanography
  • Ocean Observation and Technology

Interested applicants should send a resume/CV along with a statement of research objectives and interests to Jackie Hurst or cerc.ocean@gmail.com.