Grant-Paid Job Opportunities

CERC.OCEAN is currently accepting applications for an Electrical Engineer/Electronic Engineering Technologist to work with our current team on the design and implementation of autonomous ocean sensor platforms including: the SeaCycler profiling winch, underway, sensor-based measurement systems for use on commercial vessels, and sensor systems for autonomous underwater vehicles.

Download the job description HERE.

Start Date and Duration: approx. May 1, 2018 for 2 years

Deadline of application: Applications should be submitted as soon as possible and will be considered until position is filled. Interested parties should forward a cover letter, current CV, and contact information for 2-3 referees to Douglas Wallace (douglas.wallace@dal.ca) & Sarah Al-Shaghay (Sarah.Al-Shaghay@Dal.Ca)

Graduate Student Opportunities

CERC.OCEAN is currently accepting master's and doctoral students for research in:

  • Chemical Oceanography
  • Ocean Observation and Technology

Interested applicants should send a resume/CV along with a statement of research objectives and interests to Doug Wallace.

PhD Fellowship Opportunity

Transatlantic Ocean System Science & Technology

TOSST is a joint, transatlantic graduate research school linking two major centres of ocean research; Maritime Canada and northern Germany. TOSST complements the existing German-funded Helmholtz Ocean System Science and Technology (HOSST) research school in Kiel, Germany.

Researchers will have the opportunity to participate in summer schools located in Halifax, Kiel, and Cape Verde; take intensive courses in business development, project management, and intellectual property; complete internships in industry, government, and NGOs; and conduct interdisciplinary research in state of the art facilities with co-supervisors in both Canada and Germany.

For more information on TOSST and how to apply please visit: