From Our Team


The CERC.OCEAN is a diverse group, with students, research associates and technicians, whose interests range from pure ocean chemistry to developing new technologies. As a result there are lots of exciting things happening in the field and laboratory. Here we can showcase some of our exciting projects and opportunities in the CERC.OCEAN group, from undergraduates on oceanic science cruises to PhD students, developing their own technologies. 

Projects & Updates from the CERC.OCEAN Team

Tales From the Sea

A number of our students and researchers have the opportunity to participate in ocean science cruises in order to gain vital experience and collect data for CERC.OCEAN research projects. Visit this section to hear about these trips first-hand!

Retreats & Workshops

CERC.OCEAN group members are often able to participate in retreats, workshops, and summer schools. A number of these events are not only open to CERC.OCEAN members, but the CERC.OCEAN grant helps to fund and organize these retreats. Visit this section to see past examples of workshops.

Where We Work

Between research cruises, sampling sites, summer schools, conferences, and many other events, our CERC.OCEAN group has travelled all over the world!

Use the map below to find out where we've been, read about these adventures, and look at some pictures. If you want to find out more, visit our From Our Team page that highlights research cruises and retreats, or our News section, where you can find articles on most of these trips.