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Cruise Report: Redfish ‑ Arni Fridriksson

Posted by Ryan Barkhouse on July 3, 2015 in Students
2015 Redfish Survey Cruises
2015 Redfish Survey Cruises

Three research cruises were conducted in the Irminger Sea and adjacent waters during June and July of 2015. R/V Arni Fridriksson, Marine Research Institute, Reykjavik (black), R/V Walther Herwig III, Thunen Institute of Sea Fisheries, Hamburg (red), and R/V Akademik Ioffe, Russian Academy of Sciences (yellow), collaborated with CERC.OCEAN and the respective institutes to conduct the research project. The primary objective for CERC.OCEAN was to gather biogeochemical data from this under-sampled, yet highly significant region of the North Atlantic.

In the summers of 2013 and 2015 CERC.OCEAN collaborated with the Marine Research Institute, Reykjavik during the International Redfish Survey. The Redfish Survey is an ICES project that monitors the stock of the commercially important species Sebastes mentella. In 2015 the research vessel Arni Fridriksson left Reykjavik and spent the month of June on 6 transects in the Northern Irminger Sea, between Reykjanes Ridge and Southeastern Greenland. With CTD casts reaching 1000 m depth every 60 nautical miles, the Redfish Survey provides a unique platform for biogeochemical sampling that had not been exploited prior to the involvement of CERC.OCEAN. Our sampling regime included several inorganic carbon parameters, macro-nutrients, HPLC, and isotope data collection. The International Redfish Survey is conducted biannually providing an additional temporal component to the broad geographical coverage of the Irminger basin and adjacent waters that CERC.OCEAN is able to achieve through this collaborative effort.