Celtic Explorer GO‑SHIP ‑ 2017


Members of the Canadian OFI Group involved in this survey (Left to Right: Liz Kerrigan*, Claire Normandeau*, Lin Cheng*, Dr. Doug Wallace, Ricardo Arruda Monteiro da Silva*, Dr. Brad de Young, and Lachlan Riehl*). *participated in the cruise

Science Onboard:

Learn more about the team of CERC.OCEAN researchers who participated in the Celtic Explorer CE17007 GO-SHIP cruise along the A02 line.

  • An introduction to this GO-SHIP cruise 
  • Read about undergraduate student Lachlan Riehl's experience on the carbon team during his first research cruise
  • PhD student Ricardo Arruda Monteiro da Silva talks about the underway systems during both legs of the cruise 
  • Learn about the nutrient team, where researchers from Ireland (MI & NUIG) and Dalhousie (Liz Kerrigan & Claire Normandeau) compared data using two similar systems while onboard the ship
  • Master's Student Lin Cheng and Claire Normandeau conducted novel d13C measurements onboard a ship for the first time using a CRDS analyzer

News Updates from this Cruise:

Video & Photo Gallery:

Some examples of the waves encountered in the North Atlantic by our team:

The Canadian Ambassador to Ireland, Kevin Vickers, met the R/V Celtic Explorer in Galway, Ireland and met with the scientists and crew onboard, in particular, the groups from Ireland and Canada. He was also presented with a souvenir bottle of water from the deepest station sampled during the cruise (> 4000 m depth)

GO SHIP Press1 from Mixed Bag Media on Vimeo.


GO-SHIP A02 2017 from Marine Institute on Vimeo.


In addition to long days filled with lots of science, all those onboard were able to enjoy beautiful sunsets and sunrises, big waves, and some marine creatures.