Dalhousie Alumni Association Faculty Award of Excellence for Teaching


Award Description

One award will be presented annually. Nominees for this award will normally have ten or more years of teaching at Dalhousie.


Both nominators and evaluators should consider the following criteria, recognizing the career stage of the nominee. The two criteria are weighted equally. Nominees should provide:

  1. evidence of outstanding teaching, which can include but is not limited to:
    • evidence of excellent overall quality in teaching courses as determined by students and peers at both the undergraduate level and, where possible, the graduate level
    • evidence of sustained commitment to excellence in teaching and learning over a number of years
    • incorporation of innovative, inclusive, and evidence-­‐based teaching and learning approaches where possible and appropriate
    • effective and appropriate use of technology for online, blended, and face-­‐to-­‐face contexts
    • utilization of effective and innovative assessment methods that focus on the deep learning of the subject and the development of critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-­‐solving skills
    • having a comprehensive knowledge of the subject and setting high standards and motivating students to attain them
    • developing innovative curricula to support diversity, developing cross-cultural competencies, and enhancing the understanding of groups who have experienced historic and ongoing disadvantage and harm
    • fostering safer spaces by implementing innovative and culturally responsive pedagogies that specifically support and enhance diverse student populations’ educational experiences
  2. evidence of educational leadership, which can include but is not limited to:
    • demonstrated evidence of a reflective and scholarly practice in teaching
    • the production of high quality peer-­‐reviewed scholarly contributions related to university teaching or learning
    • contributions to the mentorship and development of teaching skills in their peers and junior colleagues.
    • leadership in the design or development of an innovative and inclusive strategy, course, or program of study
    • leadership in teaching and learning beyond the department and/or program, including in the external and/or disciplinary community
    • evidence of personal ongoing professional development in teaching

This award shall normally be awarded once to any single recipient over the course of their career at Dalhousie.

Value of Award

$2000, towards the professional development of the recipient’s teaching.

A nomination package must include:

  1. Letter of nomination
  2. The nominee's abbreviated CV (max. eight pages)
  3. The nominee's teaching dossier (20 pages maximum) with specific sections required as follows:
    • Teaching Philosophy and approaches to teaching
    • List courses/sections taught at Dalhousie, years taught, enrollment
    • Courses developed and/or modified
    • Course design or teaching and learning innovations
    • Student/peer feedback and reflection on how this feedback has led to changes in approaches to teaching
    • Professional development of own teaching
    • Service to Teaching/Educational Leadership/Teaching Publications and/or Presentations
    • List any previous Teaching Awards (if any)
  4. Two letters of support from current and/or former students
  5. Two letters of support from colleagues
  6. Additional supporting materials (e.g., course descriptions, descriptions of course innovations, publications or presentations on teaching, written comments from Student Learning Experience Questionnaire, additional letters of support, etc.) (max. 10 pages)

Nominators should inform nominees of their nomination, providing nominees with enough time to write and compile the sections of the award file that must be written by the nominee. Nominators should collect and collate all required materials including those written by the nominee and the letters of supports to ensure confidentiality. The nominator is responsible for submitting the award nomination package on or before the deadline. In the case of self-nominations, the self-nominator should seek a colleague to request, collect and submit letters of support on their behalf to ensure confidentiality. This colleague shall submit the letters as a separate electronic file to the Centre for Learning and Teaching.


Candidates must be full-­‐time faculty or instructors at Dalhousie University.

Submission of Nomination

Full nomination packages must be submitted as one PDF.  Nominations may be submitted one of two ways:

  1. Upload the nomination online 
  2. Email the nomination to clt@dal.ca

Nominations close each year on January 31.

Selection Committee

  • Faculty Senator (elected by SLTC) – who shall chair the committee
  • Executive Director, CLT (or designate)
  • (1) Dean or Associate Dean Academic – appointed annually
  • (2) Faculty Representatives – appointed annually (from the pool of previous winners, where possible)
  • (1) Student Representative – appointed annually in consultation with the DSU
  • (2) Members of the Dalhousie Alumni Community - appointed annually

NB: Recipients of this Award may be eligible and will be encouraged to apply for the AAU and 3M Teaching Awards.