Certificate in University Teaching and Learning (Graduate Students)

The Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT) at Dalhousie University invites graduate students and post-doctoral fellows to enroll in the Certificate in University Teaching and Learning (CUTL).

The Certificate provides a flexible framework for integrating and recognizing a comprehensive range of teaching development programming including:

  • Basic teaching workshops.
  • An annual series of professional development opportunities.
  • A course in university teaching and learning (CNLT 5000/5001 - Learning and Teaching in Higher Education).
  • Opportunities to reflect on and synthesize learning about teaching.
  • Formal recognition of efforts to develop teaching.

Faculty Certificate in Teaching and Learning

The Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT) is offering a non-credit program, free to Dalhousie faculty members including limited term contract faculty, part-time academics, and staff members who teach or have an interest in university teaching.

Completion of all four Program Components is necessary to obtain the Certificate. The Faculty Certificate may be completed within one year, or participants may wish to take up to three years to complete the requirements.

SoTL Scholars Program

The purpose of the Program is to provide participants with the foundational knowledge of SoTL, support them in developing a SoTL project and fully participating in the process of collecting and analyzing data and sharing their findings with their peers. Participants who complete the SoTL Scholars Program will:

  • Be confident with the basic theories of SoTL and familiar with a range of SoTL and disciplinary-based journals and apply that scholarship to their research question.
  • Be able to articulate and identify ethical issues in conducting SoTL.
  • Be able to apply relevant and appropriate methods and methodologies to answer questions about teaching and learning.
  • Design and complete a SoTL project to address a research question related to their teaching and learning.
  • Reflect upon their engagement in the SoTL process and its impact on their teaching practice.
  • Participate in the sharing and dissemination of their project and SoTL findings.
  • Be able to engage with, and foster, a community of peers interested in SoTL.

Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL) Network

Dalhousie became a member of the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL) Network in 2019. CIRTL seeks to enhance excellence in STEM undergraduate education through development of a national faculty committed to implementing and advancing evidence-based teaching practices for diverse learners. CIRTL was founded in 2003 as a National Science Foundation Center for Learning and Teaching in higher education. 

The Centre for Learning and Teaching is a partner in CIRTL@Dal providing components of the CIRTL levels of achievement.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies is a partner in CIRTL@Dal providing the Dal GradPD framework and program to support the building of professional skills for success. 

CIRTL@Dal is provided through the financial support of the Provost’s Office.