Transformative Pedagogies

“Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility,” most commonly referred to as “EDIA,” is a broad, umbrella term for the theories, practices, and philosophies we apply to teaching, research, contributions to the university, and to our communities, creating equitable and just environments. These theories, practices, and philosophies branch into specialized sub-fields such as: Anti-racism/Oppression, Internationalization, Intercultural Competency Development, Indigenous knowledges and ways of knowing, (dis)Ability Studies, and Critical Pedagogy, to name a few. As you seek to bring more “EDIA” into your classroom, first reflect upon on what, specifically, you’d like to focus your efforts, and remember that applying any aspect of “EDIA” supports, challenges, and develops all students, not only those who are equity-denied.

The CLT Transformative Pedagogies Team is currently comprised of three portfolios: Anti-Oppressive and Transformative EducationIndigenous Knowledges and Ways of Knowing,  and Internationalization and Intercultural Competency. Each team member’s portfolio converges with the others, at these intersections:

  1. Anti-racism, oppression, decolonization (addressing institutional and systemic barriers)

  2. Theory, praxis, and embodiment
    1. Equitable teaching practices are informed by theoretical and social perspectives
    2. Equitable teaching practices demonstrate, enable, and nurture embodiment
  3. Aspiration and embodiment, through:
    1. Humanizing and student-centred pedagogy
    2. Promoting development of the University-wide graduate attributes that engender and support “holism”: attributes that reflect a graduate’s cognitive, emotional, physical, and (for many) spiritual development
  4. Embeddedness. the explicit integration of accessibility, equity, Indigenization, and internationalization in curricula, pedagogies, activities, assessments, programs, and policies

  5. This work is relational, reciprocal, and responsive.  We recognize that we are engaged in thinking deeply, intentionally, and strategically about the “why,” “how,” and “with whom,” and not only the “what.”

Please explore each portfolio tab, become inspired, and connect with the educational developer(s) who can support you in your journey.