Transformative Pedagogies

graphic of a tree with rainbow coloured leavesTransformative pedagogies prompt students and instructors to “examine critically their beliefs, values, and knowledge with the goal of developing a reflective knowledge base, an appreciation for multiple perspectives, and a sense of critical consciousness and agency” (Khedkar and Nair, 2016).

Transformative pedagogies advance the many theories, philosophies, and practices that are often obscured when educational institutions attempt to incorporate them all under the familiar umbrella acronym, “EDIA.” These theories, practices, and philosophies aligned with Dal’s strategic direction for teaching and learning form specialized and distinct pedagogical fields such as: decolonization, Indigenization, anti-racism/oppression, internationalization, intercultural competency development, (dis)ability studies, critical pedagogy, Universal Design for Learning (UDL), and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy (CRP).

The CLT Transformative Pedagogies Team is currently comprised of three discrete portfolios: Anti-Oppressive and Transformative Education, Indigenous Knowledges and Ways of Knowing, and Internationalization and Intercultural Competency.

Connect with the Team

Each Educational Developer on the team welcomes individual and group consultations, provides learning opportunities through workshop series’ and short/Studio courses, supports course and program development, brings their experience and knowledge to working groups and committees, and much more! Please explore each portfolio tab, become inspired, and connect with the educational developer(s) who can support you in your journey.

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Khedkar, P.D., & Nair, P. (2016, December). Transformative pedagogy: A paradigm shift in higher education. In Proceedings of Third International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research & Practice (pp. 332-337).