Curriculum Development

CLT works in partnership with individuals and groups on course design and program development. Individual consultations as well as department, faculty and university-wide workshops are offered, including support for curriculum mapping and planning.

Curriculum Creation and Renewal

Considering a program’s curriculum can be a rewarding experience.

  • It provides the opportunity to reflect on the discipline and student learning.
  • It allows instructors to discuss the strengths of the program, and discover content delivery and assessment methods employed by their colleagues.
  • As a faculty-driven process, curriculum renewal or creation also enables instructors to voice their observations about student learning or the program’s connection to the university.
  • Facilitated department and faculty-specific workshops or retreats assist the formation of cohesive programs by considering how courses and content develop through the duration of a program.

Departments or programs in the early stages of an internal program review, program proposal (new program or major modifications), or accreditation process can schedule a consultation with the Senior Educational Developer, Curriculum, and take advantage of CLT’s resources to design learning outcomes and map the curriculum.

For full details on these processes, please see Dalhousie’s Academic Quality Assurance page. 

What we can do for you

  • Help in the design and redesign of individual courses and programs intended for face-to face and online learning environments. Apply best practices within the field of educational development to support the development of teaching and learning. 

  • Work directly with faculty and academic units to support educational innovation and change.
  • Provide discipline specific workshops to meet the immediate teaching and learning needs of a particular course, department or Faculty. 

  • Lead collaboration with academic units across campus to design and implement educational development initiatives to meet their needs.
  • Initiate, coordinate, and support activities to enhance teaching and learning at Dalhousie.
  • Advise and coach Faculty in the development of their teaching dossiers.
  • Provide information, consultation and feedback on individual teaching philosophy statements. 
  • Contribute expertise to relevant internal and external committees and working groups.
  • Help you to conduct practice-based research, writing, and publication activities.