Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL) Network

What is CIRTL

Dalhousie became a member of the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL) Network in 2019. CIRTL seeks to enhance excellence in STEM undergraduate education through development of a national faculty committed to implementing and advancing evidence-based teaching practices for diverse learners. CIRTL was founded in 2003 as a National Science Foundation Center for Learning and Teaching in higher education. 

While originally developed with a STEM focus, CIRTL@Dal is open and beneficial to individuals across all Faculties and disciplines. The CIRTL Network is an opportunity for Dalhousie graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, in particular, to take advantage of free online professional development opportunities, and get access to resources, communities, and support related to teaching and learning. CIRTL levels for completion are targeted towards a graduate and post-doctoral audience, but faculty and staff can also take advantage of CIRTL events. CIRTL is a space to engage with peers across the network through centrally coordinated activities from the various CIRTL institutions. 

The Centre for Learning and Teaching is a partner in CIRTL@Dal providing components of the CIRTL levels of achievement.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies is a partner in CIRTL@Dal providing the Dal GradPD framework and program to support the building of professional skills for success. 

CIRTL@Dal is provided through the financial support of the Provost’s Office.

CIRTL Events

CIRTL runs online courses, workshops, events, and more, designed to help graduate students and postdoctoral fellows across diverse disciplines to learn effective, inclusive, evidence-based approaches to teaching and learning and the scholarship of teaching and learning, supplementing  programming from the Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT). While these events are primarily targeted towards a graduate and post-doctoral audience, faculty and staff can take advantage of these events too. Learn more about CIRTL events.

CIRTL Levels

The CLT offers three CIRTL levels: Associate, Practitioner and Scholar, to graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. These levels enable participants to build upon the professional development of their teaching through the CLT and enrich their learning by engaging with others across the global CIRTL network.

CIRTL Executive at Dalhousie

Institutional Lead

Angela Siegel, Associate Vice-President Academic (Acting)


Angela Siegel, Faculty of Computer Science
Mabel Ho, Director, Professional Development and Student Engagement, Faculty of Graduate Studies

Program Administrator

Nasim Tavassoli, PhD (she/her), Education Developer (Student Development), Centre for Learning and Teaching


Evaluation Committee

Faculty members who have made a 3-year commitment to serve as CIRTL level evaluators.

  1. Eric Poitras, Faculty of Computer Science
  2. Laura Cumming, Faculty of Management
  3. Linda MacDonald, Faculty of Management
  4. Jen Frail-Gauthier, Faculty of Science

If you are interested in becoming an evaluator please contact Angela Siegel at: