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Helping you navigate your first year of university

Advisors in the Bissett Student Success Centre (Halifax) and the Student Success Centre (Truro) provide registration advice and transition support for you over the summer and throughout your first year at Dalhousie. Our team of Student Success Advisors and peer advisors can assist you with course selection, registration, and making a successful transition to university life. We are happy to advise you over the phone, by email, or in person.

Our team can help you with questions such as:

  • What courses should I be taking?
  • What happens if I drop a course?
  • I have a scheduling conflict—how do I fix it?
  • Can I change programs?
  • I'm feeling overwhelmed with all my work—what should I do?
  • How do I get the most out of my university experience?

7 steps for selecting and registering for your courses

Contact Student Success Advisors


Room 426, Student Union Building
6136 University Ave, Halifax
Phone (local): 902-494-3077
Phone (toll free in Canada & the U.S.): 1-866-359-4709
Email: advising@dal.ca
Office hours: Mon–Fri, 8:30am–4:30pm ADT

Book online 


Lower Level, Student Services Centre
Phone (local): 902-893-6729
Email: bcrouse@dal.ca
Office hours: Mon–Fri, 8:30am–4:30pm