View your schedule

You can view a copy of your schedule in Dal Online, under the 'Registration' menu, via View Registration Information &/or Student Schedule by Day & Time.

The View Registration Information page has an overall term calendar view.  To see additional details such as instructor name and meeting times, you can click Schedule Details

Student Schedule by Day & Time provides a printable, weekly schedule of your courses.  It also lists your professors’ names and classroom locations.  Classrooms sometimes change.  Check the timetable the day before classes start to get the most up to date classroom number.

Can't see your courses?

If you can't see your courses on the screen, check the date. You'll need to scroll through the calendar by selecting Next Week until you arrive at the first full week of courses. There could also be a scheduling conflict. Courses not showing in your schedule due to a time conflict, and online courses with no sychronous meeting times, will be listed at the bottom of the page.