Don't forget to check them off!

The transition to campus life can be both exciting and overwhelming. To help you get off on the right foot, we’ve compiled a few checklists!

Questions? Contact one of our Student Success Centres

To do after you've been accepted

Review for a list of initial steps

Visit for an initial list of steps you need to complete, including accepting your offer, activating your Dal Online account, and more.

Graduate students can visit the Faculty of Graduate Studies site for next steps after admission. 

Keep track of upcoming important dates

Visit for a list of important upcoming dates, including information on registration, move-in dates, and more. 

Decide where to live


Residence is a convenient, safe and easy way to transition to living independently. It offers a friendly and supportive environment where you can make new friends and quickly access classes and other on-campus services.

Other residence updates and information, including room and meal plan rates, can be found at

Off-campus housing

Find your home away from home. While vacancy rates are low, there are off-campus housing options within walking distance or along bus routees. Visit Dalhousie's Off-Campus Living website, where  you can find tips and resources to prepare you for off-campus living. 

Set up your Dal email account, netID, and Dalhousie ID (or Banner Number)

Once you pay your admissions deposit you can set up your Dalhousie email account. This is where the uinversity will be sending all official communications, so make sure it's active early! You'll also need to set up your netID and Dalhousie ID (also called your banner number). Visit the ITS website for information on how to set up your email and accounts.

Review our Health Checklist and Immunization Checklist

Our Health and Immunization Checklists are great resources to review prior to your arrival at Dalhousie.

For Graduate Students

Are you a Graduate student? Head to the Faculty of Graduate Studies website for a list of next steps after being accepted to Dal. 

King's Graduate students can visit the University of King's College site for additional next steps.

To do 3 months out

Register for courses

Visit the Academic Support site to learn everything you need to know about course registration.

Graduate students can visit the Faculty of Graduate Studies site for registration information.


Plan to attend New to Dal programming

New to Dal orientation programs are a great way to connect with other students, faculty and staff across campus—even when you're not on campus. 

Graduate students can visit the Faculty of Grad Studies' Together@Dal program for orientation programming. 

Register with accessibility services

If you have used adaptations or accommodations at your previous institution, you can request academic accommodations at Dalhousie. Submit a Request for Accommodations form along with your medical documentation or learning assessment to (Halifax) or (Truro). 

If you are unsure about your accommodations needs, be sure to connect with the Student Accessibility Centre to find out more. 

Review Dalhousie's Online Learning site

Be sure to check out Dalhousie's Online Learning site for information about online courses, virtual supports and resources, and other tips and information about studying remotely. 

To do 2 months out

Upload your photo for your DalCard (university ID)

Your DalCard is more than your official student ID card. It's a debit card, library card, gym pass, key to residence, and bus pass! To get started, you will need to upload your photo online at

Questions? Contact the DalCard Office.

Plan to pay for your tuition and expenses

Be sure that you're on track to pay for your upcoming tuition or other fees and expenses. To find out more about tuition, student loans, payment options, and more, visit

To do 1 month out

Order your books

Order your books and dorm essentials online from the Dalhousie Bookstore. The store also offers a wide selection of Dal-branded clothing, gifts, accessories, and dorm essentials. You can also search for specific textbooks based on your term, program, and courses. 

To do when you arrive

Pick up your DalCard and UPass

Visit the DalCard website for up-to-date details and deadlines. Please use the online photo submission tool to upload your photo and government-issued photo ID. Once you submit your photo, you will receive information via your Dal email about picking up your card when you arrive on campus.

UPass (transit)

If you’re a full-time student in Halifax, a Halifax Transit UPass is included in your student fees. The UPass is a sticker placed on your DalCard and will act as your bus pass until the end of the year (April 30). For more UPass information, including opt-in/opt-out details, visit

Health Insurance

Health and Dental Plan

The DSU Health and Dental Plan provides coverage for medical, dental, travel, accident, vision and many other services and perks. All full-time students who begin their studies in September are automatically enrolled in the DSU Health Plan and the cost of the plan is included in your student fees. If you are a part-time student, on Co-op or exchange, are a part of a distance study program, or do not see the Health Plan fee included in your tuition, you must opt-in.

For more information about the Health Plan, including opt-in/out deadlines, be sure to connect with the DSU Health Plan office

Already have health insurance?

If you have equivalent coverage through another plan, such as one carried by your parents, you may be able to opt out. Please visit the StudentVIP website for more information. 

International Student Health Plan

The DSU International Student Health Plan provides international students with basic health insurance coverage such as doctor and hospital visits. This plan is different from the DSU Health and Dental Plan above. 

For more information about the plan, please visit the StudentVIP site

Pay your tuition & fees (visit for deadlines!)

For information about your current balance:

  1. Log into Dal Online
  2. Select "Web for Students" 
  3. Select "Student Records"
  4. Select "Account detail by term"

For information on making a payment, visit the Money Matters website.



For more information and tips...

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