Wait lists and changing courses

If a course is full, you'll receive an error message after trying to register. If the course has a wait list and there is space available, the message will indicate you can add yourself to the wait list. 

Note: all components of the course (lecture/lab/tutorial) need to be full to successfully get on the waitlist.  You cannot add a combination of available and waitlisted sections; in this situation, please contact the Registrar's Office to see if it's possible to be put on the waitlist.

Also, first check on the timetable if there is space available, and you're eligible to register, in any equivalent sections of the course; "equivalent" means they will count the same no matter under which course number you register.


How do I add myself to the wait list? 

1. In the Action column, select Wait Listed from the dropdown.

2. Click Submit to be added to the Wait List.

The course will appear in your Summary with a status of Wait Listed. It will not appear on your schedule until you are actually registered for the course. 

Keep checking your Prepare for Registration status page to see if permission has been granted. It's your responsibility to register for the course from the wait list. Receiving permission to register from the wait list does not automatically register you in the course.

Once you've received permission, you have three days to register. If you don't register within that timeframe, you'll be removed from the wait list and another student will be offered the available spot.

To register for a course after you've received permission, proceed to the Register for Classes page. In your Summary, choose Web - Registered in the actions drop down list and click Submit. 

Review the Registering from a Waitlist video to see what that would look like; and the Registration Videos page and Dal Online's Help for more information..


Can I change courses after they start?

It is not uncommon for students to make changes to their registration in the early part of the term. The deadlines to add &/or drop courses are listed in a calendar view on Important Dates and under Academic Dates in the Academic Calendar. You can change courses through Dal Online until 11:59pm Atlantic Time on the deadline days.