Course load

Full-time undergraduate students

  • A full course load is 5 courses per term or 2.5 credits/15 credit hours
  • Technology students a full course load is 5-6 courses per term or 10-12 credit hours
  • The minimum is 3 courses per term or 1.5 credits/9 credit hours
  • Most single term courses are worth 0.5 a credit or 3 credit hours

Note: If you wish to take more than 15 credit hours per term (more than 12 credit hours for technology students), you will need to request special permission. If you achieved a Term GPA of at least 3.0 in your previous academic term, you can request permission from the Registrar's Office. If you are a first year student, or had a Term GPA below a 3.0 in your previous academic term, you will need to fill out a Request to Exceed the Maximum Workload form [PDF - 185kB] and submit it to your Faculty/School/College for approval.

Part-time undergraduate students

  • The maximum is 2 courses per term or 1 credit/6 credit hours