Auditing a course

As an auditing student, you're permitted to attend courses but are not expected to prepare assignments, write papers, tests or examinations. You don't receive credit for the course, but it does appear on your transcript with the notation "AUD".

Why might you audit a course?

You might be interested in the subject but don't have the time to do all of the work, or you might find a course that will benefit you in your job. Also, having an audited course on your transcript demonstrates a high degree of interest and commitment to studies.

How do you register to audit a course?

If you're not already a student you'll need to apply to Dalhousie before you can register.  Undergraduate students may register to audit courses by using Dal Online between the first day of class and the end of the course change period. Graduate students should check with the Faculty of Graduate Studies for more information on auditing a course. Law students also require special permission to audit a course and should contact the Schulich School of Law for more details.

You can change a course from audit to credit or credit to audit, but you need to do so before the last day to drop courses without a "W." To make the change, get in touch with the Registrar's Office.

For more information on fees for audit courses, check with Student Accounts.