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Explore deep time

How many years can a mountain exist? Our geochronology labs can date minerals, rocks, and landforms ranging from thousands to billions of years old.


What's on Earth?

Explore the Earth’s changing surface! Learn about rivers, glaciers, volcanoes, and continental margins, and how they are shaped and reshaped by geological processes and human activity.


What's in Earth?

Discover how the deep Earth works - from earthquakes to mineral deposits, on scales ranging from single crystals to mountain belts, on the continents, beneath the oceans, and deep within the mantle.


Field Research

The field is Mother Nature’s laboratory. Learn how to unravel geological clues in the rocks in order to figure out what she was really up to.



As members of a small department, we stick together. We participate in a number of field excursions, social gathering and sporting events.


Alumni Newsletter, May 2016


Anne-Marie Ryan honoured with Teaching Award.

John McCollum 3rd Year Undergrad, has been selected for Geotenerife's volcano monitoring internship in Tenerife, during August, 2016.  This competitive programme draws from applicants across North America, the UK and Europe, with 17 internships awarded to 76 applicants. 

You can see exactly what John and other interns will be doing, and what he will learn, on the Geotenerife website here: http://geotenerife.com/?page_id=3798
His progress, and that of all interns, will be updated via the Geotenerife Twitter feed this summer: @geotenerife.

Earth Sciences Honours Thesis Awards

Folks, it is a pleasure to announce the honours thesis awards for 2015-16.

  • Best thesis mark to Rob Varcoe, for the thesis entitled "Does evapotranspiration ever increase when forests are converted to grasslands?" (Supervisor: Sterling)
  • Best presentation mark to Elliot McLauchlan, for the thesis entitled "The impact of climate change on streamflow in the Blueberry River, Northern British Columbia, and the potential influence on oil and gas development" (Supervisors: Plug/Chapman)

Thanks again to all the students, supervisors, readers, and especially to Lawrence Plug for making this such a great event.


James Brenan
Professor and Department Chair

NOTE: All student theses will be published to our webpage as soon as we receive the final copy. 

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We are a small friendly department, with honours and graduate programs that cover a diverse array of fields. Our undergraduate program meets the requirements for professional registration in Geology and Environmental Geoscience.

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Our faculty and students conduct world-class field and laboratory research in settings ranging from Canada’s Arctic, to the Himalayas, to the Pacific Ocean, to right here in Nova Scotia.

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