How To Apply

Students wishing to receive consideration for FALL (September) Admission should apply by December 1st; we do not perform admissions for any other terms (i.e. we have no winter or summer program start dates). Prospective students applying for a position in one of our graduate programs must contact potential supervisors and submit:

**All applicants are expected to apply for scholarships. Please see below for scholarship information.

1. Application form

Please go the Faculty of Graduate Studies website for application information and forms. If you are applying for the Fast-Tracked Clinical PhD Program please apply for the PhD program even if you do not have a Masters.

If you are filling out the paper version this must go to the Registrar's office, not the department.

2. Application fee

This payment can be made online by way of the methods listed in the body of the application itself. If you are not able to pay online, please contact the Office of the Registrar to make payment. Do not send your payment to the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience.

3. Confidential Reference Letters

  • Applicants to the Psychology stream and Neuroscience stream must submit at least two letters from two different referees.
  • Applicants to the Clinical Psychology program must submit three letters from three different referees, at least one of which must focus on the student's clinical experience and/or suitability for work in clinical psychology
  • All referees must complete a confidential referee letter form and should be encouraged to attach a more detailed letter to accompany this form
  • Reference letters may be submitted by your referees using the Dalhousie e-ref Electronic Reference System; the referee will be sent an email and directed to a secure website to complete the reference form. It is critical that you supply a university, teaching hospital or government email address for your referee (i.e., not Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, or etc). Your referee will not receive an invitation to provide a letter if you do not supply one of the specified email addresses. It may take at least 5 days for referees to receive a link to their emails after you have paid for your application.
  • Alternatively, letters may be submitted in signed hard copy directly to our program by providing your referee with a copy of the confidential referee form available on the Faculty of Graduate Studies website.

The letter should be signed and sent directly to our department at the address at the bottom of the page, or you may ask your referee to provide you with a hard copy of the letter that you can send to us. The letter must be submitted in a sealed envelope with your referee’s signature across the back flap.

4. Transcripts

**2020/21 application year: The degree granting institution will have to email the transcripts (or link to the transcripts) to This email or link cannot come from the applicant.

One official copy of all undergraduate and graduate transcripts, for all schools attended anywhere in the world, regardless of the number of courses taken, whether grades have been recorded by the time of application, and whether a degree was obtained. These must be emailed to the department at the email address These can not be uploaded.

An unofficial copy can be emailed to for reviewing during the early phase of admissions but an official copy must be sent before admissions can take place. Please note if your name has changed from when you received your transcript you will need to email and tell them to expect the transcript under your old name.

5. GRE Scores

For the year 2020/21, general and subject GREs will not be required or recommended for applicants to the Clinical Psychology PhD Program at Dalhousie University. If applicants submit GRE scores, these will not be considered in our review of applications.

If you are applying to the Neuroscience stream or the Experimental Stream GRE scores are not required or considered.

6. Research Interests

A letter from the applicant indicating his/her research and career interests. There is no page limit for this statement but it is usually no longer than 1-2 pages. This can be emailed to the department at

  • Clearly specify the graduate program to which you are applying (i.e., Clinical Psychology) and mention — by name (preferably in boldface print) – any faculty members with whom you have corresponded and/or with whom you would be particularly interested in working.
  • If you have not completed an honours degree, you must detail the independent research experience and core coursework (e.g., research design, statistics) that you would like to have considered as “equivalent to honours”.
This can be emailed to

7. Application cover sheet

All applicants are asked to complete and include the Graduate Program Application Sheet with their application (PDF). If you are applying for the Clinical Psychology Program please click that box even if you don't have a Masters. This can also be emailed to

8. Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Please email your CV to the department at

9. Electronic Supplement

Please see our Application Information Spreadsheet. It is an electronic form that will ask you for much of the same information that you provided on the Application cover sheet. We require this electronic form IN ADDITION to the completed cover sheet. You can go through this without inputting anything (except which program you are applying to) to see what it looks like. If you get logged out for some reason you can repeat it as many times as needed.

10. TOEFL Scores

International applicants whose native language is not English:  TOEFL scores are to be mailed to the department.

Unofficial copies can be emailed to but an official copy has to be mailed from the testing center.

Items 1 and 2 go to the Registrar's office. Do not send them to the Department.


Please add your last name and first initial to any filenames that you send to or for ease of filing the information into your file. Please note these are the same email account, one is an alias of the other. Please send all the files in one email.

Please note all official items received will be posted to your online application portal. Please do not email asking if we have received items as this takes away from the time the secretary has to process said items. Please only email if you have concerns about something not received yet after December 1st.

If you applied last year we still have your file and can pull that out for some items (GRE scores, transcripts) if you request us too, so you don't have to send them again.

Scholarship Information

Faculty of Graduate Studies has information on their website about scholarship applications and procedures.

Harmonzied Scholarship Process

There are two Deadlines for the Harmonized Scholarship application. 

Dec. 1st deadline (shorter form): If you are linking and reusing your Tri-council Masters application to your Harmonized Application.

Jan 4th deadline (longer form) : If you are applying for Doctoral scholarships, are international or not reusing your Tri-council Masters application.