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Admission Requirements

Detailed information about Graduate Admissions can be found in our
Graduate Student Handbook | Admission Requirements [PDF - 33kB].

Incoming students must have a 4-year Honours Bachelor degree from a Canadian University or its equivalent elsewhere. The honours degree should be in the area of intended study with at least a B+ average.

Candidates for the program in Clinical Psychology must have an honours degree or equivalent in Psychology. Students entering with a bachelor's degree will be registered in an MSc before being "fast-tracked" to the Clinical PhD before the end of the first year, without completing a master's thesis or obtaining a master's degree.

Students entering with a graduate degree will be admitted directly to the Clinical PhD program and may be eligible for advanced standing within the program. Whether applying with a bachelor's or a master's degree, applications should clearly indicate that they are interested in being considered for the Clinical Psychology program.

Students with a Bachelor's degree and wishing to enter the PhD program in Psychology or Psychology/Neuroscience should initially register in the MSc program. Applicants should clearly indicate whether they wish to be considered for the Psychology or the Psychology/Neuroscience program.