Admission Requirements

Incoming students must have a 4-year Honours Bachelor degree from a Canadian University or its equivalent elsewhere. The honours degree should be in the area of intended study with at least a B+ average.

Clinical Psychology Program

Candidates for the program in Clinical Psychology must have an honours degree in Psychology or a Psychology degree with equivalent research experience. The requirement for the undergraduate degree in Psychology is an admission requirement to get into our Clinical Psychology program. This is a requirement from the Position of the Association of Canadian Psychology Regulatory Organizations (ACPRO) and will not be waived.

Students entering with a bachelor's degree in Psychology will be registered in an MSc before being "fast-tracked" to the Clinical PhD before the end of the second year, without completing a master's thesis or obtaining a master's degree.

Students entering with a graduate degree will be admitted directly to the Clinical PhD program and may be eligible for advanced standing within the program. Whether applying with a bachelor's or a master's degree, applications should clearly indicate that they are interested in being considered for the Clinical Psychology program.

Please apply to the PhD in Psychology whether you have a Bachelors or a Masters degree.

Psychology and Neuroscience Programs

Students with a Bachelor's degree and wishing to enter the PhD program in Psychology stream or Neuroscience stream should initially register in the MSc program. Applicants should clearly indicate whether they wish to be considered for the Psychology stream or the Neuroscience stream program.