Neuroscience Program

In the last four decades, Neuroscience has emerged as an exciting, interdisciplinary area of research. Neuroscience integrates psychology, cell biology, genetics, biochemistry, physiology, anatomy and other branches of the life sciences into a single discipline concerned with the structure and function of the brain. Neuroscience is exceptionally well represented at Dal; faculty members study the nervous system at molecular, cellular, and behavioural levels.

The program at Dalhousie, offered through the Psychology Department with the cooperation of Neuroscientists across campus, is well established and of high quality. Approximately a dozen faculty members work directly in the neuroscience area, and because of our membership in the Neuroscience Institute, we enjoy strong interdisciplinary relationships with the Departments of Anatomy and Neurobiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, and Physiology.

Undergraduate Resources

  • Up-to-date electrophysiological and histological facilities.

  • A computer laboratory for Minor, Major and Honours students with a wide variety of programs and direct linkages to the library and the main University computers.

  • A resource centre for Minor, Major and Honours students that provides a location for students to study and access course reference material.

  • Active researchers working in one of the best-equipped departments in Canada to support and direct student research projects.

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Interested in a 20-Credit BSc degree with a Major or an Honours in Neuroscience? Our student guidebooks detail all you need to know about program requirements. 

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