All students are encouraged to talk to an Academic Advisor when planning your degree options.

Major Program

Admission to the Major Program in Neuroscience can be gained after completing a full first year of study at Dalhousie. The minimum requirement is a grade of B- in two half-credit Introductory Psychology and Biology classes. Students considering entering the Major program should note that they must take Cell Biology (BIOL2020.03), which requires, as a first-year prerequisite, both Biology and Chemistry.


Honours Program

Combined Honours Program Admission to the Honours or Combined Honours Program in Neuroscience can be gained only after completing a minimum of two full years of study at Dalhousie. Students planning on taking an Honours program in Neuroscience should enter the Major program at the end of the first term of their third year of study and take the sequence of second-year classes required in the Honours program. They should apply for admission to Honours at the end of their second year. Students need an A- average in their Neuroscience classes to be accepted into the Honours program.